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Ju Wei x mumm First Collaboration – FLAXSEED FOR EVERYONE Linseed Series makes a powerful debut.

Enhanced with pure natural flaxseed B-OME® Natural for improved antibacterial and deodorizing effects. Fabric material friendly for pregnant women and babies.

BI-OME® Natural is an antibacterial technology product based on 100% natural active ingredient – flaxseed oil.

Pre-washing achieves a 99.9% antibacterial rate (Staphylococcus aureus/E. coli/Klebsiella pneumoniae).

Even after 20 washes, it maintains over 90% antibacterial efficacy.

Made in Taiwan.

RAYON Synthetic Fiber 95% / SPANDEX Elastic Fiber 5%

1. Please wash dark and light colors separately to avoid color bleeding.
2. Please use gentle hand washing with low temperature to maintain the shape of the product.
3. When washing, please use water below 30°C, do not rub vigorously; please use neutral detergent; do not soak.
4. Please do not use bleach, fluorescent whitening agents, and fabric softeners to prevent damage to the fabric.
5. After cleaning, please quickly adjust the shape of the product and lay it flat to air dry. Do not twist or expose directly to sunlight.
6. Ironing is not allowed for this type of product.
7. Please refer to the size chart for selecting the product. Due to hygiene reasons, intimate apparel is non-returnable.

*Complies with OEKO-TEX® certification, free from formaldehyde and other harmful substances residues. The accessories, including shoulder strap buckles, meet its standards.

*The dyeing and finishing factory complies with EU environmental standards, reducing carbon emissions and water usage.


Bra Top Size Chart (CM)
Size Bust Underbust Length
S 27.9 27.3 27.6
M 30.5 29.8 28.6
L 33 32.4 29.5
Measurement Method: Flat Measurement
Measurement Unit: Centimeters
Fitting Personnel Height Weight (KG) Shoulder Upper bust Lower Bust Waistline Lower waist Hip Bra Cup Recommended Size
A 158 50 40 88 74 62 81 92 75E S
B 169 60 41 77 71 70 80 94 75A M
C 155 45 39 81 73 61 80 91 70B S
D 160 44 36 79 68 61 79 87 70C S
E 168 53 44 83 75 70 83 89 70B M
F 167 49 42 75 70 60 70 81 70C S
Measurement Unit: Centimeters

※This size chart is measured horizontally and may have slight discrepancies with the actual product size due to factors such as fabric elasticity, washing treatment, and measurement starting and ending points. The measurement discrepancy is within ±2cm, which falls within the acceptable range of international inspection standards and does not constitute a defect.

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