Fluffy Mumm Halter Bra Top

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  1. Do not wash the innerwear with other colored fabrics.
  2. Do not put the innerwear in the washing machine, handwash only.
  3. When washing the product, keep the water temperature under 30°C.
  4. Only use gentle detergent, do not wash the innerwear with force.
  5. Do not use bleach or detergent for whites.
  6. Keep the innerwear away from direct sunlight & let it dry under shades.
  7. Do not iron the innerwear.
Size Hem Length
S 56 9
M 60 9.5
L 64 10
Measurement Method: Flat Measurement
Measurement Unit: Centimeters

※This size chart is measured horizontally and may have slight discrepancies with the actual product size due to factors such as fabric elasticity, washing treatment, and measurement starting and ending points. The measurement discrepancy is within ±2cm, which falls within the acceptable range of international inspection standards and does not constitute a defect.

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